Wood Cremation Urns, a Guide To Choosing The Right Urn

What are the right urn sizes?

How much would it cost to purchase a urn the correct size for your ceremony? Then let’s get to the good stuff. What is the best style of urn to use for your wood cremation urns?

Whichever style is right for your specific needs you must choose your burial urn from an urnmaker that has a good reputation and is recommended by experts like Dara Alboher and Raymond Gale.

So What Is The Best Style Of Wood Cremation Urn? There are three styles of wood urn that you can use for your memorial services: Stainless Steel Wood Ceramic So Which Style Is The Best For Your Urn?

When it comes to choosing a wood cremation urn style, there are two main styles that you must choose from: Stainless Steel (Stock) Stainless Steel (Custom) Here’s why you should choose stainless steel.

Your first optioncremation urns made from wood

If you want to remember someone for years, you can choose urn made from wood.

The more unusual and romantic the design, the more it will hold your memories. Either inside or outside the urn, you can also choose wood, metal or marble finish for your loved one’s urn.

If you have a pet cremation urn, the choice is even greater because you can choose an urn with a garden or plain red.

Your last option, or a very beautiful one, is shaped like a boat, boat or duck. The urn, or urns, can be also be made of porcelain, clay or other substances.

Cremation Urns Wood Cremation urns made from walnut Wood urns made of walnut with a footprint and one of is a sign of endless love and dedication.

It will always remind you that he was there with you in good or bad times.

Your second optioncremation urns made from metal

Do you want to have it made from stainless steel Do you want it made from porcelain or the cheaper one made from brass?

Do you want to get one made of marble Do you want to get one made from glass? If you are looking for a small urn, are you going to use it for ashes only?

If yes, then you want to get one made of wood (but make sure that it is certified by the National Forest Service). or For example, If you wanted to use the same urn in your mother and grandmother, then you would want a smaller one than what you might have for yourself.

Wood urns come in all sizes – from urns which are only a few inches tall and only fit a few ounces of ashes to urns which can hold almost two pounds of ashes.

Your third optioncremation urns made from bio-degradable materials

Back to Top Second, does your choice need to have protection on the inside of it? Your fourth option is small containers with slabs inside.

Back to Top Fifth, do you need to insulate the urn? Your first choice is small cylinders like this (which look similar to urns).

Back to Top Using these five options, how do you narrow it down? Back to Top There are a few things to consider: Size: How many bodies you need to hold? How many layers are going to be inside your urn? What is your budget?

Do you want a small size urn or do you need a small size urn to hold the entire family or the entire family? What happens when someone else has died, do you need to buy two urns or one urn for all of your family and then one for another relative? Wood: Which woods will hold up the best?

Your fourth optioncremation urns made from clay

There are 4 types of cremation urns in the market. Storage urns. They are usually small size and can be kept in the bathroom or a drawer in a bedroom or in a cabinet.

Naming urns. This type of cremation urns have engraved name plates. Some of these are available in bronze. Natural urns. They are very lightweight and non-corrosive.

Pompeii urns. They are made of wood or metal and with moulded profiles. Condolence urns.

It is made of brass. To get the right cremation urns for yourself, you need to know these basic points: Types of cremation urns in the market Storage urns These are usually very small size and can be kept in the bathroom or a drawer in a bedroom or in a cabinet.

Names urns These urns have engraved name plates. Some of these are available in bronze.


Well, that’s all we have to learn. This guide gave you all the information you need to make an informed decision when choosing the urn for your loved one. It took a brief analysis of the different kinds of urns on the market.

It identified the best features to consider when choosing urn.It also listed the best varieties of wood caskets and cremation urns. I hope that, after reading this guide, you have now understood how to choose the right urn for your loved one.